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Spine treatment in Ayurveda - Sidha Marma

Re align Body, Prana and Mind Through Marma Therapy

The spinal cord is the main information highway between the brain and all other parts of our body. If there is blockage along this path way, the flow of energy is altered often in a negative way. Misaligned vertebrae and joins lead to abnormal misbalanced tensioning of muscles. The spinal nerves and the organs served by these nerves may develop problems. Almost every physical, pranic and mental stress is related to a misaligned joint. When we are aligned other therapies like medication, diet, yoga, daily regimens,healthy diet and spiritual practices works highly effective to cure and heal body, prana and mind.

siddha marma therapy

Indications:- Sciatica, Back pains ,Scoliosis, Migraine,Different leg-length, Joint pains, Frozen shoulder, problems due to energetic blockages such as depression, fear, anxiety, insecurity, problems with relationship, sexual problems, feelings of guilt, suppression of anger, Addiction , problems with the inner self, lack of trust, lack of stability etc.

Contra Indications:- Those who are having foreign bodies inserted like copper-T, stent, etc after surgery

About the Marma Therapy:-

  1. Professional qualified and experienced Doctors of Ayurveda will do treatments for the patients.
  2. Instructions given by Doctors about maintaining posture, diet and rest needed to be followed during the course of treatments.
  3. Totally 12 sessions will be there. Generally Marma treatments will be provided in alternate days which require 24 days. But sometimes 2 or 3 day gap should be put between some of the sessions. It depends on patients’ response to the treatments.
  4. Resting is required between the sessions, for re-aligned of the body
  5. During the resting days, one hour of external therapies will be provided
  6. After finishing with 12th session, 5-6 days rest is advised for recovery of body before travelling
  7. one course of treatment require 30 days – 40 days duration

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