Postural Problems like Scoliosis,Kyphosis

For Postural Problems like Scoliosis,Kyphosis etc we provides 35 days course of Siddha Marma therapy.

Kyphosis is an abnormal rounding of the upper back. It is a relatively common condition that often develops in adolescence or young adulthood.
Having a small curve in the upper back is normal. Kyphosis is an excessive spinal curve that can cause discomfort and lasting issues throughout the body. Poor posture, abnormalities in the spine, or age-related weakness, can cause kyphosis.

Woman with back pain caused by kyphosis
Symptoms of kyphosis can include back pain and stiffness in the upper back.
The primary symptom of kyphosis is an abnormal forward curve in the upper part of the spine. It causes the upper back to appear hunched over, with the shoulders rounded forward.

In mild cases, the spinal curve is not always noticeable. In other instances, a person may look as if they are bending forwards.

Kyphosis often occurs without any other symptoms. However, other symptoms can include:

back pain
stiffness in the upper back
a rounded back
tight hamstrings
The spine comprises bones called vertebrae that stack on top of each other. This structure is unique in the body and allows the spine to be supportive as well as flexible. It also means the spine is particularly vulnerable to damage.

Kyphosis occurs when the vertebrae in the upper part of the back, called the thoracic region, become wedge-shaped. This causes the spine to curve forward more than usual.

This can happen due to:

poor posture
developmental issues
older age
abnormal vertebrae shape

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