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We at Ayurveda Yoga Villa is providing the best of Ancient Indian -Traditional Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama and Kalari, a new dimension of Ayurvedic Treatment in a Holistic way. Cleansing Body, Prana and Mind and filling it with enlightenment by means of our special organic food from our own farms,Dairy foods from indigenous cows enriched with medicinal properties, Ayurveda medicines from inhouse production, traditional Yogasana practices, Pranayama & meditation focusing on cleansing and strengthening  body, prana and mind and spiritual rituals from Vedic tradition to create an enlightened environment. In an enlightened environment any medication will be effective for the patient easily. Its not only the body gets healed here. We heal body, prana and Mind to its utmost perfection possible.

 As part of globalizing our business with our successful formula of treatment, medicines and other Vedic activities, we have  plans for spreading our international initiatives.

All our centres are strictly adhering the same practices for better results and to keep up the brand value.

 We already have a very good reputation in Trip Advisor and are very active in online marketing in google and in the season time we are now having excess enquiries.

 The brand name is very important that it will automatically helps to have the flow of guest.

 Regarding the terms and conditions we would like to brought few points before you:

  • Name of ‘Ayurveda Yoga Villa’ to be used for the venture.
  • Business sharing @ 80:20, ie 20% for us and 80% for the franchisee partner.
  • We will provide key and experienced staffs for maintaining the same quality of treatment and service.
  • And also will look after administration system to keep up the brand’s image.
  • We have export license and provide all necessary medicines.
  • Medicines and Staff salary should have to be paid in time.
  • And also have to bear share for online marketing which can be fixed later.
  • We can formulate an agreement as looking on to the legal perspectives of both nations.

For globalizing our success journey in Ayurveda,we are franchising our health network globally.Those who are interested to set up Ayurveda campus or having resorts/hotel can be contacted.

Contact Email: info@ayurvedayogavilla.com

Mob: +91 8157011347

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