Boosting of immune system

Immune enhancing Ayurveda treatment program: Against viruses

According to Ayurveda, Immunity of an individual is called Vyadhi Kshamatva.

For maintaining immunity, and to prevent premature ageing and degenerative diseases, Ayurvedic treatment includes Panchakarma (detoxification) followed with Rasayana therapy for establishing immunity.

boosting of immune system

Atharva veda mentions about various types of visible and invisible viruses, and its medicine. Herbs which are having ani – microbial properties are formulated into medicines, and administered to eliminate various deeply lodged viruses and the toxic accumulations. Along with external therapies, internal medicine, diet and yoga practices; We do Agnihotram and Mantra chantings twice daily, herbal fumigation inside the campus, drum beats and rituals for purification of environment and to eliminate disease spreading virus from the atmosphere. Indigenous cows are preserved, its bio – waste is used to enrich soil, and food which is cultivated in the enriched soil, is provided for boosting immunity. Immunity boosting treatments includes; daily rituals, Agnihotram, Yoga, Mantra Chanting , Pranayama, Kalari practice, treatment based organic diet, internal medicines which is prepared in our pharmacy, external treatments, and teachings for value based living (Dharma).

Anti microbial treatments for Lymes disease, HPV, HBV, HCV and other viral infections have been provided with curative results. Followed with this, Immunity boosting Rasayana therapy have been provided as preventive and pro motive line. According to nature of infections, 14 to 60 days will be the required treatment duration

ayurveda for immunity boosting

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