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Adventure in Ayurveda Written By Christopher Versandi

we arrived just to Ayurvedha yoga villa right around dinner time and were greeted and given some fresh Mango juice. Our host Sreejith took showed us around the compound where we would soon learn about ayurvedic life style at the healthy properties.

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Incredible 2 weeks stay in India Written By Libby

My last year has not been a barrel of laughs. It has been a steep learning curve and life changing events had left me feeling withdrawn, disconnected from myself and full of negative self talk. A series of events, starting with a friend suggesting to go to India for some sunshine and relaxation and which ended with me stumbling across the Ayruvedic Yoga Villa website.

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Detox – Indian Style Written By Rachel Pace

Every five to seven years according to Ayurveda, you are meant to give your mind, body and spirit a huge spring clean, which lasts 21 – 28 days is termed a Panchakarma. The Panchakarma consists of different treatments, which aid in the complete detoxification of ama or toxins from the body[1]. I decided (with a little trepidation) it was time to embark on my first body overhaul in August last year.

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