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According to Ayurveda, each of us inherits a unique mix of three types of body-mind energies (doshas) which creates our specific physical and mental characteristics. Most of us have one or two doshas which are most dominant in our nature, with the remaining one(s) less significant. These three doshas are known as Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

Using these Doshas of Ayurveda, we can identify our body-mind nature (prakriti) and use this understanding to make the most nourishing choices in our lives. It is common for people to have a blend of characteristics and usually one dosha will be dominated.

Find your Body Type (Prakriti)

Take a pen and paper, and give one mark each for either for Vata or Pitta or Kapha. At the end, total the score to find out which dosha is more dominant in your body and that’s your body type.

Body FrameThin – usually short or tallmediumlarge, tall
Weightlow weight, doesn’t gain weightmedium weight stay sameheavy weight
Eyessmall, dark eyesMedium sized, light eyes easily inflamedlarge eyes with thick eyelashes soft, gentle gaze
Skindry, rough, cold cracks easilymoist, warm, pink prone to acnesoft, smooth, moist, cool
ComplexionDarkflushed sunburn easilypale
Hairrough ,dry, wairythin, oily, light colored, grey, bald prematurethick, wavy, oily
Eye browthin ,smallmediumthick, bushy
Nosesmall, thinmedium, symmetricalwide
Teethvary in size, crookedmediumlarge white
Jointsstiff, tend to crackloose, average sizelarge ,sturdy
Nailsthin, brittlesoft, pinkstrong  ,thick, white, smooth
Musclesthin, undevelopedaverage sizelarge well developed
Urinescant, colorlessprofuse, yellowmoderate, milky
Menstrualirregular, scantyregular, bright colourregular, pale colour
Stoolscanty, dry, hard, prone to gas & constipationabundant, loose & softmoderate dense with mucus
Dietarylikes to snack on dry, crunchy foodslike cold drinks & snacklike sweet and creamy
Digestionprone to gasgood, strong, fastslow, steady
Sweathardly sweatprofuse strong smellingmoderate
Circulationpoor cold hand &feetgood hot hand & feetmoderate temperature cool
Weatherlike sun&warmthcold weatherwarm & windy
Sensitivitycold, wind,  dryness noiseheat, sunlight, light & colourtouch, old & dampness
Physical EnduranceLowmoderatestrong
Dreamsprone to nightmarecolorful, vivid passionaterarely or uneventful
MovementsQuickmove with purpose &  motivationmoves slowly & steadily,  gracefully
Decisionchanges mind quickly, indecisive & nervousdecisive & determinechanges mind & opinions slowly
Thoughtscreative, visionary ideaslogical, critical, idealisticallythink slowly & methodical
Learning Abilityeasily learn & forget easily, poor memoryeasily with clear memorylearn slowly good long term memory
ProfessionallyArtmedicine, engineeringbusiness
Mindprone to anxiety, fear nervousness&worryprone to irritability anger, aggression, jealousyprone to depression lethargy, attachment
Attitudelively, positive attitude when balancewarm outgoing & confidentpeaceful, happy & loving when in balance
Moneyspends on triflesearn but spends on luxurycan earn & save after motivation
Speechquick speech talkativeArgumentative, confrontational,  enjoys debatetalks slowly & deliberately
Travellove travelneed beautiful environmentDomestic, spends more time in the home
Sensitivitysensitive to soundsensitive to visual stimulati

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