Our service are open ! APPLY FOR MEDICAL VISA . We are happy to assist (* not nessassry for Indian citizen )

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Our service are open ! APPLY FOR MEDICAL VISA . We are happy to assist (* not nessassry for Indian citizen )

Welcome to Ayurveda Yoga Villa Holistic Research Centre and Hospital (Green leaf certified)

Ayurveda Yoga Villa Holistic Research Centre and Hospital is located on the banks of river Kabani and is surrounded by Evergreen forest of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve which is the primary source of our medicinal herbs. Individual based treatments are provided on the basis of thorough assessment done by experienced Ayurvedic Doctors. Our treatment protocol include Ayurveda therapies, Yoga practices based on yogavaivartha sidhi, Marma treatments, Kalari practices and Kalari treatments. Ayurvedic diet based on individuals treatment, Agnihotram, daily regimens are integrated for cleansing and balancing health of an individual in Physical, Pranic and Mental dimensions. To enhance efficacy of Ayurveda treatments, food products and diary products and also Medicine are produced in our organicaly cultivated farm. We are also preserving indigenous Cattle breeds from extinction which is also the source of our Diary needs. Indigenious Cattle breeds which is classified under Bos Indicus produce A 2 milk Medicines utilized for Ayurveda treatments are prepared in the pharmacy located inside Ayurveda Yoga Villa. Spiritual practices and an enlightened environment complement Ayurveda treatments to detoxify Physical, Pranic and Mental dimension of an individual and to enhance immunity.

Our branches include;
1) Udayagiri Rejuvenation retreat Centre and Hospital (Tholpetty, Wayanad).
2) Ayurveda Yoga Village (Kumta, Uttara Karnataka).
We have no franchisees.


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Ayurveda Treatments

How we maintain environment free from Microbes

  • Daily rituals including Agnihotram, Vedic Mantra chanting purifies our environment from various microbes.
  • Individuals are advised to follow purificatory regimens and rituals.
  • Proper hygienic measures are implemented in every section in our campus.
  • Thrice in a day fumigation with herbs which is having Anti-Microbial properties, is done inside the living rooms, Treatment rooms, Restaurant and other areas.
  • Our drivers, for pick up and Drop to airport are given proper instructions to maintain safe hygienic measures.
  • For your safe journey, wear mask inside flight cabin and inside taxi, until you reach here, and while returning home..
  • Keep hand sanitizers with you.
  • During time of your treatments, the measures to be followed will be provided by our doctors..

Holistic Healing Of Body, Prana, and Mind

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